The Bee Weekly: The Officer Tatum and PragerU’s Will Witt

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  May 20th, 2022


The Babylon Bee talks to PragerU’s man on the street, Will Witt, and The Officer Brandon Tatum. Adam and Jarret talk to Will about what’s going on in the news this week like baby formula shortages, the media’s different coverage of recent tragedies depending on what narrative they fit, and Twitter employees who got caught saying some communist things! Never go full potato, Twitter!

Kyle and Adam talk to Brandon Tatum about the craziest cop stories he has, law enforcement being vilified by media and politicians, and how fast you can drive over the speed limit without getting pulled over. Some of this interview is for Babylon Bee subscribers only!

Will Witt chats with the Bee about his man on the street videos and whether or not we should just call it a day and weep for the future of the nation.

In the subscriber lounge, subscribers get the rest of the Brandon Tatum interview, Will Witt answers the Ten Questions, and subscribers get their best headlines read!

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