NEM#160: John McCutcheon Learns the Lessons of Folk

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The Partially Examined Life Logo  fiber_manual_record  Dec 1st, 2021


John has released 45 albums since 1975 of original folk, traditional folk, children's music (garnering six Grammy nominations for those), and instrumentals: He is fluent on guitar, banjo, violin, dulcimer, and more.

His songs very often tell stories, and we discuss several of those: "Atonement" from Bucket List (2021), "Soup" from Wintersongs (1995), and "Water from Another Time" from Gonna Rise Again (1987). We end by listening to "The Night John Prine Died" from Cabin Fever: Songs from Quarantine (2020). Intro: "Christmas in the Trenches" from Winter Solstice (1984).

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