783 - What will it take for BITCOIN to Hit A Million Dollars? With Anthony James AltucherLogo
In this Part 2 of the 2 parts episode about BITCOIN, Anthony Pompliano, the writer of The Pomp Letter, after explaining the differences between Bitcoin, ETH, SOL, and other stable coins, we started...
781 - Would you take a McDonald's Franchise, or Go to Harvard University? James AltucherLogo
Years ago, a young man named Mark Zuckerberg was asked this question by his father: Would you choose to take a McDonald's Franchise (that I would purchase for you), or go to Harvard University for...
304: How NOT to Lead. The Psychology of Military Incompetence Pt.2 Jocko WillinkLogo
0:00:00 - Opening0:02:51 - On The Psychology of Military Incompetence.2:33:17 - How to stay on THE PATH.2:49:05 - Closing Gratitude.