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Jokes, Idioms and Irreverence
 March 28 2024 at 02:07 pm
Jokes, Idioms and Irreverence Posted on March 28, 2024 by john Dear Friends, How is the DOJ like a vulture? Their astounding ability to stomach corruption. The EU elites are saving the planet. They’re shutting down European farms to meet net zero targets. Where will the food come from you ask? The South American rain forest will be cleared to grow it. If a cow burps, and a progressive isn’t there to record it, are all white people still racist? They say screen writing is hard and you get rejected a lot. Not me! Everything I write passes! How do you know our rulers lack a sense of humor? They send people who write jokes to prison. Why dos the world suck like an Electrolux? When the elite open their mouths the vacuum in their heads leaks out. How is Klaus the Varmint Schwab different from his Nazi father? His father had ethics. As NATO advanced to the very border of Russia, they berated Russia for its aggression. The elite will be a thousand years wading in the lake of fire, and they’ll complain, if only they’d had more power they could have made the Beast system work. An elite, psychopath and pervert walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be Mr Biden?” When people used to think, nuclear war was unthinkable, now that people don’t think, nuclear war is thinkable. The elite today are like dragons… they’re greedy, prideful, and burn nations to the ground. What’s the difference between the EU and herpes? Herpes is easier to get rid of. There once was a boy named George, Between his soul and mind was a gorge, A Nazi vote, A Judas goat, And a powerful bond with Satan would he forge. I, for one love to eat bugs… made into chicken. An electric knife can cut in thirds, electric emotion makes angry words, as electric cars are for the birds. What do you call shacking up for a night? Love… American style. They say the world is so complex we need the bureaucracy now… like the Middle Ages needed the Black Death. Sincerely, John Pepin

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