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Science Is Dead
 April 06 2024 at 02:50 pm
Science Is Dead Posted on April 6, 2024 by john Dear Friends, It seems to me, science is dead, murdered by scientists. The global warming swindle put a knife deep in its chest, the trans movement pushed it to the hilt, and DEI is twisting it. Scientists and indeed the entire new class, as Gouldner called them, are captured by an idea that’s antithetical to their core belief. The vision is so captivating though, they just can’t help themselves. I’ve heard it said that people aren’t really rational, we’re emotional, and then use our rationality to back track, justifying our emotional decisions. The new class was supposed to be above emotion and belief and totally engaged in the scientific method. Yet, as we see play out before our own eyes, the new class, including scientists, politicians and experts, have become mesmerized by a bauble… globalism. If people will kill you for a ten spot in your pocket… what would they do for a billion? The global warming scam makes the swindlers billions of dollars a year. Who gets to spend all that “carbon credit” money? Not you or I. They’ve created an entire exchange to trade their monopoly money, that turns it into real money… at our expense. Both in higher friction to business and lowering the value of our money. Amounting to economic ruin. Nevertheless, the experts who shill for the global warming scam, have a huge economic stake. The rest of us have a cube steak. So, via the “logic of collective action” the global warming connivers will work their fingers to the bone, to push the lie, while the rest of us have more important things to attend to. Billions of incentives to abandon a core ethos. The trans movement is the purest form of anti science. It actually takes empirically proven truths, and flips them upside down… and the experts are expected to “believe them.” Not only believe obvious lies, but cling to them, as if those stupid notions were their own cherished children. The experts charge on, in the face of waves of suicides, by people who’ve been “transitioned” at a young age. Empirical evidence be damned, full steam ahead! Never once considering this course is the opposite of the scientific method. Where evidence is weighed, tested and only considered proven, once the results of the tested hypothesis have been reproduced in another lab. Today’s experts and scientists have no need of methods, hypothesis and tests. Especially when those empirical tests disprove cherished theory. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DEI, elevates irrelevant qualities above relevant ones, a perversion of the scientific method. In any job, merit is the primary quality. Not a person’s hair style, preference for toast in the morning, or skin color. DEI, abandons the rationally sought attribute, merit… changing it to skin color, religion and toast preference. Resulting in people who aren’t suited for the positions they hold. Damaging their self esteem, the company’s bottom line, and the customers interests. Rippling out to literal safety concerns as in the case of Boeing. Hiring based on irrelevant qualities, in place of relevant ones, has led to a degeneracy in our economy and the products it produces. Enlightened thinkers are supposed to be pragmatic, not blind ideologues, who detest rational discourse. All of these perversions of science boil down to politics. Global warming is political, not scientific, but no one would lower their standard of living so a political faction can have more money and power. So it has to be couched in emotional and pseudo scientific terms. Then strictly enforced with ostracism. It’s not enough to force the new class to abandon their raison d etre’ but to embrace it’s opposite. That’s one reason the trans movement has been thrust upon them. Scientists have to testify, with a straight face, they can’t tell the difference between a naked man and woman. Yet are addicted to porn. Then there’s DEI, which is killing critical thinking, as well as our economy. Let’s face facts… scientists have murdered their father, science… to sleep with their mother, politics. Sincerely, John Pepin
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Streaming Politics & Philosophy @destiny...
 March 22 2024 at 12:47 am
Streaming Politics & Philosophy @destiny Episode 433 Jordan Peterson It is worth a mention that Jordan Peterson is at his intellectual sparring best here around the 44 min mark or so, when he dissects the green argument for climate change “sin taxes” on the basis of the fundamental leftist/progressive premise that destiny himself put forth earlier. That is destiny was personally drawn to the left out of a compassion for the inequitable poor. But Peterson notes that cheap energy is what empowers the poor like nothing else, and how the Workd Bank is strangling the South from accessing that energy. destiny actually slips into the argument that “better they die now, because their death will save so many more in the future. Point by point, Peterson uses data of the millions of more on the brink of absolute poverty as a direct result of green policy to “save the future from ourselves”. He shows the shabby science behind, for example, loading an tentative economic model of the future on the tentative climate one, and how logically ludicrous it is to think that we can predict anything 100 years into the future, as if the people goldrushing in the 1890s could have predicted Clinton inheriting the Clinton economy a century hence. He is on about the WEF as I pause, but destiny is clinging to the fact that ‘there are hot days now like never before since the Industrial Age, even 150000 years ago’.. oops, little hyperbolic slip into hyperbole with that… JP catches it right away. Sharp as a nail.. Peterson has really put an effort to temper his arrogance, even as the passion of his actual compassion for the poor and the inequitable of the world shines through. But he is not making the conservative, right wing argument, pull yourself up by your bootstraps sort of moralizing, but is concentrating on the paucity of the current left wing position on green, that stifling cheap energy is a good thing, even as the poor are the ones on the brink. destiny is in the denial stage, that this is not really happening, that green policies will mystically help the poor in some undefined and likely undefinable way. I will continue to watch to see how much destiny needs to belong, if he is true to his ideology even as the goal of Karl Schwab on depopulation makes even the Devil in the Apocalypse look quaint in his wiping out the populace by successive thirds.

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